In the special period when the global epidemic situation (COVID-19) continues to spread, in order to support the international community to jointly respond to the global public health crisis, the relevant measures for further strengthening the quality control of epidemic prevention materials and regulating export order are announced as follows:

China Customs

Non-medical supplies standard

  • Strict inspection of export quality control of non-medical masks.
    As of April 26, non-medical masks for export should meet Chinese quality standards or foreign quality standards.
  • The list of non-medical mask manufacturing enterprises must be confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce and obtained foreign standard certification or registration,

    The General Administration of Market Supervision provides a list of non-medical masks of unqualified products and enterprises investigated and dealt with in the domestic market, and is dynamically updated in real time at:

    Non-medical mask export enterprises must submit an electronic or written joint declaration by the exporter and importer (refer to Annex 1) to confirm that the product meets Chinese quality standards or foreign quality standards.

    The importer accepts the quality standard of the purchased product and does not use it for medical purposes. The customs will check and release the enterprise list provided by the Ministry of Commerce. If it is not in the list of enterprises provided by the General Administration of Market Supervision, the customs will accept the declaration and will check and release it.

    For the purchase contract signed before April 26, the export declaration and the importer must submit a joint declaration (refer to Annex 1) in electronic or written form during export declaration.

    Medical supplies standard

  • Further regulate the export order of medical supplies
  • As of April 26, 2020, export enterprises that have obtained new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilators, and infrared thermometers whose products have obtained certification or registration of foreign standards must submit electronic or written declarations during customs declaration (refer to Annex 2).

    In addition, it promises that the products meet the quality standards and safety requirements of the importing country (region), and the customs will implement export inspection and customs clearance procedures based on the list of production enterprises that have obtained certification or registration of foreign standards provided by the Ministry of Commerce.

  • The list of medical product export enterprises is updated in real time at:
  • Annex 1 Exporters and importers jointly declare documents (Chinese and English)
  • Annex 2 Export medical materials declaration document (Chinese and English)
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