• the certified/registerd types/models,
  • the registration number of the certificate/registration,
  • the period of validity of the certificate/registration,
  • the certification/registration mark to the certified/registered product, and in addition – if part of the certification – a data sheet as pdf-document download.
  • The type/model is carried out as link to any technical date (unfortunately not for all products). If you want to know which basis of the test is the foundation of your certificate/registration, please tick the indicated symbol.
  • The enquiry of certified/registered persons takes place with the navigation. Therefor, please use the link persons. You can also choose an area and you will attain to the certified/registered persons.

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AQSIQ database

Please note: Individual certificates or registrations may be occasionally defectively displayed due to a rearrangement of our database. We would therefore appreciate any form of feedback. Thank you!

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