China Customs Announcement on the Implementation of Emergency Preventive Measures for Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Cold Chain Foods Detected with COVID-19 Positive


In order to prevent the new crown pneumonia epidemic through imported cold chain food risks and protect consumers’ health and safety, China Customs implements emergency preventive measures for overseas manufacturers of imported cold chain foods that have detected the new coronavirus nucleic acid positive, as follows:

  • 1- If the same foreign manufacturer exports to China’s cold chain food or its packaging is found to be positive for the new crown virus for the first and second time, the customs will suspend the acceptance of the company’s product import declaration for one week, and automatically resume after the expiration date.
  • 2- If the same overseas manufacturer has been tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid 3 times or more, the customs will suspend the acceptance of the import declaration of the company’s products for 4 weeks, and it will automatically resume after the expiry.
  • This announcement will take effect on September 10, 2020.

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