General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 55, “Convenient Measures for Tax Customs Clearance” of Hong Kong Wine Exported to Mainland China Expanded

It is expected that the convenience measures will benefit more than 300 companies and provide new assistance for the further expansion of the wine trade in mainland China and Hong Kong and increase the level of trade facilitation.

Hong Kong wine

Convenience measures boost the development of Hong Kong wine trade

In order to support Hong Kong’s goal of building an Asian wine trading and distribution center, the General Administration of Customs signed a cooperation arrangement with the Hong Kong Sea to provide customs taxation convenience measures for wines sent from Hong Kong to mainland China.

Convenience measures have been successively implemented in five ports in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

As of August this year, a total of more than 9 million liters of imported wine under the framework of the Facilitative Measures, valued at nearly 500 million yuan, not only improved the efficiency of customs clearance, but also further safeguarded and promoted Hong Kong as the center of Asian wine trade and distribution center.

The process of importing wine from Hong Kong has been further simplified and the time-limit for customs clearance has been significantly improved.

Combining with the actual situation of customs clearance and customs integration throughout the country, the General Administration of Customs and the Hong Kong Customs have jointly decided to implement convenience measures at all ports in the customs of the Mainland.

The convenience conditions must satisfy the following conditions: The data and information of wines exported from Hong Kong to mainland China have been reported to the Hong Kong Customs and passed through Hong Kong Customs, and they can enjoy the convenience of customs taxation when reporting on imports to the Mainland.

Specific customs clearance process:

  • 1 Hong Kong record exporters have passed the “Hong Kong Customs Taxation Convenience Measures Online Filing System” to the Hong Kong Customs for wine registration data. After being audited by the Hong Kong Customs, the “convenience record filing number” is generated and the relevant filing data will be automatically transmitted. China Customs H2010 customs clearance system.
  • When importers in the Mainland declare import-related goods, they must enter the “Convenience Measures Filing Number” on the customs declaration form.
    After the H2010 customs clearance system captures the information, it automatically docks the customs declaration data with the filing data. When the data is docked with the successful declaration form, the customs simplifies the examination process at the customs clearance and quickly completes the customs clearance procedure.

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