On July 1, 2019, the “Mexico and China: New Opportunities for Economic Development” seminar co-sponsored by the Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce and the Mexican Embassy in China was held at the Mexican Embassy in China.


The importance of China-Mexico economic and trade relations

Mexican Foreign Minister Eblad, Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Wen Li’an, Mexican Ambassador to China Bernal, and Director of the Global Economic Intelligence Department of the Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs Silva and other important guests attended the meeting and delivered a speech, Investment Promotion Bureau Secretary Liu Dianxun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, the Mexican ambassador to China Bernard reviewed the Sino-Mexico relations and emphasized the importance of China-Mexico economic and trade relations in today’s complex international environment.

China-Mexico two-way investment cooperation has great potential

Director Silva of the Department of Global Economic Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Mexico introduced the economic policy of Mexico based on the three core ideas of pluralism, tolerance and innovation under the leadership of the new government. He also pointed out that China-Mexico’s two-way investment cooperation has great potential and is willing to strengthen bilateral investment cooperation in the fields of e-commerce, aerospace, new energy vehicles and tourism.

In his speech, Director Liu Dianxun introduced the work done by the Investment Promotion Bureau as a Chinese executive body of the China-Mexico Entrepreneur High-Level Working Group in promoting the two-way investment cooperation between China and Mexico in recent years, and focused on sharing the current investment development bureau as the main line of industrial development. Guided by the needs of international cooperation, we will build a working idea of ​​information exchange and resource sharing cross-border investment promotion platform.

He said that the good diplomatic relations and investment environment between China and Mexico have laid the foundation for investment cooperation between the two countries. The Investment Promotion Bureau is willing to work with relevant institutions of Mexico on this basis to jointly promote two-way investment cooperation around key industries of concern to both countries. We will effectively promote the exchange and matching of high-quality enterprises and professional trade associations in various fields in the two countries to further achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Establish trade liberalization and an open economic system based on international rules

Mexican Foreign Minister Ebrad highly agrees with the work ideas put forward by Director Liu Dianxun to build a China-Mexico cross-border investment promotion platform. He pointed out that the economic development structure of China and Mexico tend to complement each other, and promoting dialogue and exchanges between the business communities of the two countries is the key to exerting their synergies.

He also stressed that Mexico firmly supports trade liberalization and an open economic system based on international rules, and supports dialogue, moderation and non-conflict ways to resolve differences.

Chinese and Mexican entrepreneurs respond positively and look forward to new business cooperation

The seminar aims to increase Chinese investors’ understanding of the Mexican market and business environment, and lay a solid foundation for the next step to promote pragmatic cooperation between Chinese and Mexican companies.

At the meeting, the Mexican Bimburg Group and China Hisense Group shared their successful investment experiences in China and Mexico respectively.

After the meeting, the participants had an in-depth exchange on investment cooperation in related fields. More than 40 representatives from the China-Mexico Entrepreneurs High-Level Working Group, including Bank of China, Jinchuan Group, and Mexican Airlines, and related business associations and scientific institutions from both countries attended the meeting.

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