Recycling License Application

License of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Scrap Materials - China Customs and AQSIQ Notice No. 194

Applicants should submit the following documents:

1- In accordance with China Customs and AQSIQ standard applications fill (overseas supplier recycle materials registration application form)

2- Your company business registration and Tax registration documents (copy)

3- Office and warehouse or factory floor plan paper and photos (original)

4- You corporate environmental quality assurance system documentation or ISO 9001 / RIOS certificate (copy)

5- Other can prove that your company has a good reputation document (original)

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Recycling License

If you do Recycling business to China, as Waste Paper, Metal, Steel, copper and Non-ferrous metal..
In order to strengthen the management and the supervision of inspection and quarantine for imported scrap materials, According to China Customs and AQSIQ Notice No. 194, If the HS code of your product is on the as follows list, you are required to application for an AQSIQ recycling certification, Approved companies will be published in the GACC and AQSIQ database.

Metal and metal alloy waste:

Product Name H.S Code Description
Gold scrap 7112911010 Gold scrap
Gold scrap waste 7112911090 Except for other precious metals
Platinum or platinum-coated waste 7112921000 Except other precious metals,
Mainly used to recover platinum
Scrap steel 7204100000 Cast iron waste
Scrap steel 7204290000 Other alloy steel scrap
Scrap steel 7204300000 Tinned steel scrap
Scrap steel 7204410000 Steel scrap generated during machining
Scrap steel 7204490090 Other steel scrap
Scrap steel 7204500000 Crushed steel ingots that can be smelted again
Copper waste 7404000090 All copper waste
Nickel scrap 7503000000 All Nickel scrap
Aluminum scrap 7602000090 All Aluminum scrap
Zinc scrap 7902000000 All Zinc scrap
Tin scrap 8002000000 All Tin scrap
Tantalum scrap 8103300000 All Tantalum scrap

Metal and metal alloy waste:

(material in metallic and non-loose form, non-loose form means: does not include solid wastes that are powdery, silty, dusty or contain hazardous liquids)

Product Name H.S Code Description
Stainless steel scrap 7204210000 All Stainless steel scrap
Tungsten waste 8101970000 All Tungsten waste
Magnesium scrap 8104200000 Al Magnesium scrap
Bismuth scrap 8106001092 No smashed bismuth scrap
Titanium scrap 8108300000 All Titanium scrap
Zirconium scrap 8109300000 All Zirconium scrap
Germanium scrap 8112921010 Unforged germanium scrap
Vanadium scrap 8112922010 Unforged Vanadium scrap
Niobium scrap 8112924010 All Niobium scrap
Hafnium scrap 8112929011 Unforged Hafnium scrap
Gallium and rhenium scrap 8112929091 Unforged Gallium and rhenium scrap
Tungsten scrap 8113001010 Particulate or powdered waste tungsten carbide

Paper and cardboard:

Product Name H.S Code Description
Waste Paper 4707100000 Recycled (waste) unbleached cowhide, corrugated or cardboard
Waste Paper 4707200000 Recycling (waste) bleached chemical wood pulp paper and paperboard (not
Dye by body)
Waste Paper 4707300000 Recycling (waste) mechanical wood pulp paper or cardboard (for example,
Waste newspapers, magazines and similar prints)


The User Manual accessible from the site is currently only available in Mandarin. To help foreign of recycling material exporters companies who wish to register themselves, AQSIQ Association has prepared an English version of the application form, includes a complete description for each item in applicant form, to receive full set of application documents please email to:

Note: AQSIQ strongly recommends that applicant register directly and do not leave this application process to their importer or distributor. Importers require your registration number to complete China customs clearance. Should you change your distributor, or have multiple distributors, they may be reluctant to share your registration number and authorization password if circumstances change. Assuming your recycling license does not complete annual update in the China Customs system, the license will be overdue.

Recycling license application

( Application fee $ 198 for standard with 17 item must submit documents )

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documents + right way !

3. Approved

Get your certificate
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