Food Allergen Analysis

Food Allergen Analysis

AQSIQ laboratory Food Allergen Testing program can be used when there is a need to
confirm or deny the presence of a specific regulated food allergen.
for detection of the most common food allergens of concern. Additional food allergens may
be available upon request.

Allergens include:
– Food Allergen – specialty
– Peanut Allergen
– Almond Allergen
– Egg Allergen
– Hazelnut Allergen
– Total Milk Allergen
– Soy Flour Allergen
– Gliadin (Gluten) Allergen
– Walnut Allergen
– Shellfish Allergen
– Soy Allergen
– Lupine Allergen
– Mustard Allergen
– Sesame Allergen
– Casein Allergen
– Brazil Nut Allergen
– Cashew Allergen
– Pistachio Allergen


Test your food before export to China

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