Working globally helps the AQSIQ Association better accomplish its domestic mission to promote and protect the public health of the China. The posting of AQSIQ Association staff in certain overseas regions is a key part of the agency’s strategy for expanding oversight of imported food and recycle products.

In order to more effectively monitor and manage overseas suppliers of food certification system, improve and promote the AQSIQ registration certificate standardized.

An expanded overseas presence allows for greater access for AQSIQ inspections and for greater engagement with foreign industry and foreign counterpart agencies. This all helps to ensure that products shipped to the China meet AQSIQ standards for safety and manufacturing quality.AQSIQ Association willing All of the agency’s international offices-whether located overseas or in the china-work to build stronger cooperative relationships around the world.

In Feb 2013 and May 2018, AQSIQ Association opened its USA Office with posts in Houston and New York. AQSIQ Association specialists at the USA posts include senior technical experts in foods and recycle products, along with inspectors. The opening of the office represents a new era in China cooperation on the safety of food, recycle products.

The goals of these office include working in concert with the regulatory authorities in China to strengthen the capacity of Chinese regulatory bodies, and help North America industry understand AQSIQ standards and expectations.

In October 2013, a new food safety law was passed in China, creating a food safety committee and requiring licensure for all food producers, caterers, and retailers, among other provisions. The law also calls for an emergency response plan and a mandatory recall requirement when food doesn’t meet AQSIQ standards.

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