Customs Notice No. 9 for CIIE 2018

In order to support the successful CIIE of the first China International Import Expo, to optimize and standardize the entry verification of civil goods related to the exhibition, Shanghai Customs, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual characteristics of the Shanghai Port and the trade characteristics of the import fair, is hereby announced as follows:


Declaration requirements

When applying for compulsory certification products (hereinafter referred to as “CCC products”), the applicant may indicate the specific use of CCC products through remarks and briefings, including: exhibition, exhibition sales, construction or use of the exhibition site.

Working principle

The CCC products used only for exhibitions shall be filed, declared and supervised in accordance with the relevant requirements of Shanghai Customs and shall be exempted from immigration verification.

The CCC products used for construction or use (consumption) of the exhibition site shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of Shanghai Customs, and the relevant customs agencies shall verify the actual use of the products and be exempt from the implementation of entry verification.

For CCC products used for exhibition sales, if the applicant has obtained compulsory certification, the applicant shall provide a true and effective compulsory certification; if it is exempt from the compulsory certification conditions, the applicant shall go through the relevant business system for formalities or provide The paper “exempt from the compulsory product certification”; if the applicant does not need to apply for compulsory certification, the applicant shall provide relevant certification materials.

The relevant customs agencies implement the entry verification according to the unified deployment of the business system.

Work content

When Shanghai Customs implements entry verification for CCC products, it focuses on the following:

  1. Check the consistency of CCC certificate information and product information.
  2. Check whether the product is subject to the real and effective CCC mark and whether the mark pattern complies with the relevant mandatory certification implementation rules.
  3. Check the product name, specification and model, warning instructions, etc. on the label, manual and packaging of the product.
  4. Check the key parts of the product, including safety, hygiene, environmental protection, and quality projects.
  5. If necessary, further samples are taken for safety testing and consistency verification.

Illegal disposal

Shanghai Customs will dispose of the illegal acts found in the entry verification work of CCC products at the Import Expo.

  • This announcement will take effect on October 10, 2018.
  • CIIE Exhibit List Certificate Application Form PDF

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