The Notice implies that any exporter / agent shall submit a filing application to AQSIQ before they export food to CHINA. Exporters shall fill and submit the application form of Food Exporter through the registration filing management system. Information, such as the exporter and agent’s name, country, area, address, contact name, telephone, food category, etc. needs to be submitted. After submitting the application, the exporter will obtain a registration number by the AQSIQ.


meat, egg (and egg products), aquatic products (and preserved aquatic products), traditional Chinese medicinal materials, grains, cereals (and cereal products), grease and oil, soft drinks and beverages, sugar, vegetables (and vegetable products), flavouring ingredients of plant origin, dried fruits and nuts, other foods of plant origin, canned foods, dairy products, bee products, liquor and alcohol, pastry biscuits and crackers, candied (preserved) fruit, cigarettes, tea, flavouring ingredients, other processed fruit, food for special dietary purposes.


AQSIQ will keep a file of applications of exporters who have submitted complete filing information. A list of filed exporters and agents with their names and countries / regions shall be generated by the AQSIQ registration management system and made public on AQSIQ website..

The application form accessible from the site is currently only available in Chinese. To help Foreign Food Exporters companies who wish to register themselves, the AQSIQ Association has prepared an unofficial translation of the application form. To receive a copy, please email to


( Registration valid 3 years * Application Fee $230 * Application time 2 week )

1. step

Online or email
Completed forms

2. Application

documents + right way !

3. aqsiq approved

Get your certificate
not a long waiting.

** Application**

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