Seafood Label Generator

Consumers need understandably want more seafood informative on the labeling:

  • Whether the product has been defrosted and the date of minimum durability.
  • Pre-packed products must display the “best before” or “use by” dates, but non pre-packed products will still vary by country.
  • Commercial and scientific names will help those when buying fish in a Chinese language.
  • Whether the product was caught or farmed.
  • Where the fish comes from. For products caught at sea, consumers will know the name of the ocean. For the seas that surround the more detailed zones will be provided.
  • Which fishing gear was used to catch the fish: seines, trawls, hooks or straps for example.
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Retailers and mass caterers are invited to display voluntary information, such as the date of catch, the port of landing or the fishing gear used, as well as information of an environmental, ethical or social nature. Many importers and exporters businesses have already prepared their new labels and see the changes as an opportunity to better differentiate their products whilst helping their consumers make more informed choices.

Seafood Products Label Generator

Seafood products label template – version 3.5

Seafood Products Exterior Label:

Seafood Products date
Temperature for Seafood Products

Seafood Products Inner Label:

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