AQSIQ seafood register

Foreign Seafood Exporters Required to List with AQSIQ from 01 October,2015

According to AQSIQ notice 135. Foreign exporters seafood register, all foreign seafood producers, agents and domestic consignees are required to file their company information online with the Bureau of Import and Export Food Safety of AQSIQ, China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. This requirement comes into force with effect from 01 oct, 2015 and renewal annually in AQSIQ.

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The Notice implies that any exporter / agent shall submit a filing application to AQSIQ before they export seafood to CHINA. Exporters shall fill and submit the application form of seafood exporter through the registration filing management system. Information, such as the exporter and agent’s name, country, area, address, contact name, telephone, seafood category, test report, etc. needs to be submitted. After submitting the application, the exporter will obtain a registration number by the AQSIQ and CNCA.


Salmon, Atlantic salmon, herring, sardines, herring, tuna, bonito, mackerel, anchovy, eel,
Tilapia, channel catfish, catfish, canned fish, canned shark fin. Sturgeon caviar substitute. Crab, shrimp and shrimp, lobster. Crustaceans, crayfish, oysters (oysters), including sea fans, mussels. Cuttlefish and squid, clams, clam and shellfish, abalone, snail and snail, sea cucumber, sea urchin, jellyfish, aquatic invertebrates.


For first imports, a list of seafood standards published by the MOH in 2016 sets out in national standards, which items need to be tested and which test methods laboratory should use.

Test MethodsTest Project
Physical and Chemical Projectlead
Physical and Chemical ProjectInorganic arsenic
Physical and Chemical ProjectMethylmercury (when the total mercury levels do not exceed the limit value methylmercury, do not have the determination of methylmercury; otherwise, should be subject to determination of methylmercury)
Physical and Chemical ProjectCadmium
Physical and Chemical ProjectChromium
Shellfish toxinsParalytic shellfish poisoning (shellfish Only)
Shellfish toxinsDiarrheal shellfish poisons (shellfish Only)
Physical and Chemical ProjectCrystal violet, crystal violet invisible
Physical and Chemical ProjectMalachite green, malachite green stealth
Radioactive detection131 (Japan aquatic Only)
Radioactive detectionCs-137 (Japan aquatic Only)
Microbial ProjectListeria monocytogenes
Microbial ProjectVibrio parahaemolyticus
Microbial ProjectVibrio cholerae
Microbial ProjectEnterobacteriaceae


AQSIQ will keep a file of applications of exporters who have submitted complete filing information.

  • Seafood Test Report or certificate
  • Company business documents
  • Application Form
  • Export country official license

A list of filed exporters and agents with their names and countries / regions shall be generated by the AQSIQ registration management system and made public on AQSIQ database.
The application form accessible from the site is currently only available in Chinese. To help Foreign Seafood Exporters companies who wish to register themselves, the AQSIQ Association has prepared an unofficial translation of the application form. please fill out the complete information in form and sent to


The User Manual accessible from the site is currently only available in Chinese. To help foreign of feed products exporters companies who wish to register themselves, AQSIQ Association has prepared an unofficial translation of the application form. to receive a Form please email

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