Certificate license renewal process

In order to strengthen the management and the supervision of inspection and quarantine for imported goods, the AQSIQ and GACC had adopted the annual update management measures from 2019 for overseas supplier enterprises exporting goods to China.

AQSIQ Renewal: When the validity date is reached, an application for renewal may be submitted to maintain the certificate/registration for another 1 or 3 years. The renewal procedure will be according to the registration number validity period. The registration number and the company name must again be indicated when submitting the renewal application form.

The following industry will needs to submit a renewal application for your certificate or registration number within 90 days prior to the expiry date in accordance with AQSIQ law.

Get a help for your certificate or registration number renewal program.

The User Manual accessible from the site is currently only available in Chinese. To help foreign exporters companies who wish to renewal AQSIQ procedures themselves, the AQSIQ Association has prepared an unofficial translation of the User Manual. To receive a copy, please send Email to:

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