Food adulteration

Food Adulteration, GMO & Quality Contro

AQSIQ laboratory offers a variety of specific food analysis to determine adulteration and quality control specific products and food types. In addition to the allergen screens offered (see Allergen Testing Section), AQSIQ can provide quality analysis for GMO Testing,

Pasta Quality, Dairy Residue, Shrimp and Seafood, and a variety of Meat Speciation options.

AQSIQ laboratory can also customize an Adulteration & Quality Control package for your specific product and industry using advanced DNA-based PCR technology.

Tests include:

  • Food DNA Authentication
  • GMP Analysis
  • Meat Speciation by PCR
  • Pasta Quality Control (Common Wheat Adulteration)
  • Flunixin in Milk
  • Chloramphenicol in Shrimp
  • Amnesic Shellfish (Domoic Acid)

  • Sample retention time – 30 days, unless highly perishable

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    Test your food before export to China

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