Imported seafood list

AQSIQ released the latest notice approved list of imported seafood names to help overseas exporters in accordance with the scope of the list to do business with Chinese importers, included in the following list of 5799 seafood list details and list of countries.

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Seafood Registration Category

  • PP- Processing Plant
  • ZV- Freezing Vessel or Transporting Vessel
  • FV- Factory Vessel
  • CS- Cold Store
  • A – Aquaculture product
  • BMS – Bivalve molluscs

Country / OceaniaSeafood Category
AustraliaOncorhynchus aguabonita (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus aguabonita (Frozen)
AustraliaTrichiurus lepturus (Frozen)
AustraliaScomber japonicus (Chilled)
AustraliaScomber japonicus (Frozen)
AustraliaCoregonus spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaCoregonus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaPenaeus monodon (Frozen)
AustraliaHaliotis¡¢Concholepas (Frozen)
AustraliaHaliotis¡¢Concholepas (Chilled)
Australiapandalus borealis (Frozen)
AustraliaThunnus thynnus (Chilled)
AustraliaStenodus spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaStenodus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaStenodus leucichthys (Chilled)
AustraliaStenodus leucichthys (Frozen)
Australiahunnus alalunga (Frozen)
AustraliaUrophycis spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaSqualiobarbus curriculus (Frozen)
AustraliaHispidoberyx ambagiosus (Frozen)
AustraliaClupea harengus (Chilled)
AustraliaSalmo salar (Frozen)
AustraliaSalmo salar (Chilled)
AustraliaHoplostethus atlanticus
AustraliaGadus morhua (Frozen)
AustraliaGadus morhua (Chilled)
AustraliaAlutera monoceros (Frozen)
Australiametapenaeus ensis (Frozen)
AustraliaCoilia ectenes (Frozen)
AustraliaCoilia ectenes (Chilled)
AustraliaLutjanus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaPenaeus scmisulcatus (Frozen)
AustraliaThunnus obesus (Chilled)
AustraliaPenaeus vannamei Boone (Frozen)
AustraliaMegalobrama spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaApostichopus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaGadus ogac (Frozen)
AustraliaGadus ogac (Chilled)
AustraliaMactromeris spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaMactromeris spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaCucumaria spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaPseudorhombus cinnamoneus (Chilled)
AustraliaPomoxis nigromaculatus (Frozen)
AustraliaCaranx malam (Frozen)
AustraliaChimaera phantasma (Frozen)
AustraliaLutjanus sanguineus (Frozen)
AustraliaSalvelinus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaSalvelinus spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaBeryx splendens (Frozen)
AustraliaCephalopholis sonnerati (Chilled)
AustraliaChinoecetes bairdi (Frozen)
AustraliaChinoecetes bairdi (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus mykiss (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus mykiss (Frozen)
AustraliaOncorhynchus mykiss (Fish eggs)
AustraliaOncorhynchus mykiss (Fish eggs)
AustraliaScomber australasicus (Frozen)
AustraliaSeriola lalandi(Chilled)
AustraliaSeriola lalandi£¬(Frozen)
AustraliaChinopecetes Opilio (Chilled)
AustraliaChinopecetes Opilio (Frozen)
AustraliaThymallus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaThymallus spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus gilae (Frozen)
AustraliaOncorhynchus gilae (Chilled)
AustraliaLates calcarifer (Frozen)
AustraliaLates calcarifer (Chilled)
AustraliaXiphias gladius (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus chrysogaster (Frozen)
AustraliaOncorhynchus chrysogaster (Chilled)
AustraliaThunnus spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaThunnus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaParalithodes camtschaticus (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus clarkii clarkii (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus clarkii clarkii (Frozen)
AustraliaProcambarus clarkii (Frozen)
AustraliaProcambarus clarkii (Chilled)
AustraliaRaja porosa (Frozen)
AustraliaPenaeus latisulcatus (Frozen)
AustraliaMacruronus novaezelandiae (Chilled)
AustraliaMacruronus novaezelandiae (Fish eggs)
AustraliaThunnus maccoyii (Frozen)
AustraliaThunnus maccoyii (Chilled)
AustraliaThalamita coeruleipes (Frozen)
AustraliaThalamita coeruleipes (Chilled)
AustraliaAlpheus bellulus (Frozen)
AustraliaLutjanus russelli (Frozen)
AustraliaPalinuridae (Frozen)
AustraliaPalinuridae (Chilled)
AustraliaPerna viridis (Chilled)
AustraliaThamnaconus septentrionalis (Frozen)
AustraliaUpeneus moluccensis (Frozen)
AustraliaAnguilla spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaAnguilla spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaIbacus ciliatus (Frozen)
Australiapenaeus merguiensis (Frozen)
AustraliaSepia officinalis (Frozen)
AustraliaOstrea (Chilled)
AustraliaOstrea (Frozen)
AustraliaLates niloticus (Chilled)
AustraliaScomber scombrus (Frozen)
AustraliaChampsocephalus Gunnari (Frozen)
AustraliaDissostichus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaZeus faber (Chilled)
AustraliaZeus faber (Frozen)
AustraliaTrachurus japonicus (Frozen)
AustraliaAmusium pleuronectes (Frozen)
AustraliaPortunus trituberculatus (Frozen)
AustraliaLepturacanthus savala (Frozen)
AustraliaSardina pilchardus (Frozen)
AustraliaPlacopecta magellanicus (Frozen)
AustraliaPlacopecta magellanicus (Chilled)
AustraliaEpigonus telescopus (Frozen)
AustraliaCaranx spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaChanos chanos (Frozen)
AustraliaEpinephelus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaSprattus sprattus (Frozen)
AustraliaHemichromis bimaculatus (Frozen)
AustraliaSolea solea (Frozen)
AustraliaLarimus pacificus (Frozen)
AustraliaClupea pallasii (Chilled)
AustraliaOncorhynchus spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaOncorhynchus spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaThunnus orientalis (Chilled)
AustraliaGadus macrocephalus (Chilled)
AustraliaGadus macrocephalus (Frozen)
AustraliaLepomis gulosus (Frozen)
AustraliaAlosa alosa (Frozen)
AustraliaBrachymystax spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaBrachymystax spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaTheragra chalcogramma (Fish eggs)
AustraliaTheragra chalcogramma£¬ (Frozen)
AustraliaTheragra chalcogramma
AustraliaHypothalassia acerba (Frozen)
AustraliaHypothalassia acerba (Chilled)
AustraliaSardinella spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaRanina ranina (Chilled)
AustraliaRanina ranina (Frozen)
AustraliaChionoecetes spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaChionoecetes spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaOncorhynchus apache (Frozen)
AustraliaOncorhynchus apache (Chilled)
AustraliaParapercis ommatura (Frozen)
AustraliaRaja spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaMerluccius bilinearis (Frozen)
Australiaaequifasciata (Frozen)
AustraliaSardinops sagax£¨Sardinops melanostictus£© (Frozen)
AustraliaOctopus (Frozen)
AustraliaHucho spp. (Chilled)
AustraliaHucho spp. (Frozen)
AustraliaPagrus major (Chilled)
AustraliaPagrus major (Frozen)
AustraliaPenacus orientalis (Frozen)
AustraliaSolenocera crassicornis (Frozen)
AustraliaPeprilus medius (Frozen)
AustraliaSalmo trutta (Frozen)
AustraliaSalmo trutta (Chilled)
Papua New GuineaOncorhynchus aguabonita (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaTrichiurus lepturus (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaScomberomorus guttatus (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaPenaeus monodon (Frozen)
Papua New Guineahunnus alalunga (Frozen)
Papua New Guineametapenaeus ensis (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaApostichopus spp. (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaParapenaeopsis hardwickii (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaOncorhynchus mykiss (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaSarda Sarda (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaThunnus albacares (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaOncorhynchus gilae (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaKatsuwonus pelamis (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaOncorhynchus chrysogaster (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaOncorhynchus clarkii clarkii (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaPalinuridae (Frozen)
Papua New Guineapenaeus merguiensis (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaLepturacanthus savala (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaOncorhynchus apache (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaSolenocera crassicornis (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaPeprilus medius (Frozen)
Papua New GuineaSalmo trutta (Frozen)
French Polynesiahunnus alalunga (Chilled)
French PolynesiaThunnus obesus (Frozen)
French PolynesiaThunnus albacares (Frozen)
French PolynesiaThunnus spp. (Frozen)
FijiPlectropomus leopardus (Frozen)
FijiThunnus thynnus (Frozen)
Fijihunnus alalunga (Chilled)
Fijihunnus alalunga (Frozen)
FijiAcanthocybium solandi(Frozen)
FijiHoplostethus atlanticus (Frozen)
FijiThunnus obesus (Chilled)
FijiThunnus obesus (Frozen)
FijiApostichopus spp. (Frozen)
FijiHeterodontus francisci (Frozen)
FijiCoccoloba uvifera (Frozen)
FijiSarda Sarda (Frozen)
FijiThunnus albacares (Chilled)
FijiKatsuwonus pelamis (Frozen)
FijiXiphias gladius (Frozen)
FijiXiphias gladius (Chilled)
FijiThunnus spp. (Frozen)
FijiThunnus spp. (Chilled)
FijiMakaira mazara (Frozen)
FijiPalinuridae (Frozen)
FijiIstiophorus platypterus (Frozen)
FijiIstiophorus spp. (Frozen)
FijiEucheuma cottonii (Frozen)
FijiEpinephelus spp. (Frozen)
FijiChoerodon schoenleinii (Frozen)
FijiThunnus orientalis (Frozen)
FijiLepidocybium flavobrunneum (Frozen)
FijiScarus spp. (Frozen)
Fijiaequifasciata (Frozen)
FijiSelene spp. (Frozen)
FijiLampris guttatus (Frozen)
Kiribatihunnus alalunga (Frozen)
KiribatiThunnus obesus (Frozen)
KiribatiEucheuma cottonii (Frozen)
Cook IslandsHoplostethus atlanticus (Frozen)
Cook IslandsPleuronectes platessa (Frozen)
Cook IslandsBeryx splendens (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsAcanthocybium solandi(Frozen)
Marshall IslandsThunnus obesus (Chilled)
Marshall IslandsHeterodontus francisci (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsBeryx splendens (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsSarda Sarda (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsThunnus albacares (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsThunnus albacares (Chilled)
Marshall IslandsKatsuwonus pelamis (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsXiphias gladius (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsThunnus spp. (Chilled)
Marshall IslandsThunnus spp. (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsScomberomorus commerson (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsIstiophorus platypterus (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsIstiophorus spp. (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsCoryphaena hippurus (Frozen)
Marshall Islandsaequifasciata (Frozen)
Marshall IslandsSelene spp. (Frozen)
American Samoaaequifasciata (Frozen)
MicronesiaIlisha elongata (Frozen)
Micronesiahunnus alalunga (Frozen)
MicronesiaAcanthocybium solandi(Frozen)
MicronesiaLarimichthys crocea (Frozen)
MicronesiaThunnus obesus (Chilled)
MicronesiaThunnus obesus (Frozen)
MicronesiaHeterodontus francisci (Frozen)
MicronesiaBeryx splendens (Frozen)
MicronesiaSarda Sarda (Frozen)
MicronesiaOsmerus eperlanus (Frozen)
MicronesiaThunnus albacares (Frozen)
MicronesiaKatsuwonus pelamis (Frozen)
MicronesiaXiphias gladius (Frozen)
MicronesiaThunnus spp. (Frozen)
MicronesiaIstiophorus spp. (Frozen)
MicronesiaCoryphaena hippurus (Frozen)
MicronesiaEngraulis japonicus (Frozen)
MicronesiaBrama japonica (Frozen)
MicronesiaHyporhamphus sojori Hyporhamphus sajori (Frozen)
MicronesiaLarimichthys pamoides (Frozen)
MicronesiaLarimichthys polyactis (Frozen)
MicronesiaOsmerus mordax (Frozen)
MicronesiaSelene spp. (Frozen)
Republic of Palauinctada maxima (Frozen)
Republic of PalauThunnus spp. (Frozen)
Republic of PalauPlacopecta magellanicus (Frozen)
SamoaRanina ranina (Frozen)
Samoaaequifasciata (Frozen)
Solomon IslandsSarda Sarda (Frozen)
Solomon IslandsKatsuwonus pelamis (Frozen)
Solomon IslandsThunnus spp. (Frozen)
Solomon IslandsEucheuma cottonii (Frozen)
Solomon IslandsBirgus latro (Frozen)
Solomon IslandsBirgus latro (Chilled)
Pacific Islandshunnus alalunga (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsAcanthocybium solandi(Frozen)
Pacific IslandsThunnus obesus (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsHeterodontus francisci (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsSarda Sarda (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsThunnus albacares (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsKatsuwonus pelamis (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsXiphias gladius (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsThunnus spp. (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsSepia officinalis (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsIstiophorus spp. (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsCololabis saira (Frozen)
Pacific Islandsaequifasciata (Frozen)
Pacific IslandsLampris guttatus (Frozen)
TongaG.verrucosa (Frozen)
Vanuatuhunnus alalunga (Frozen)
VanuatuApostichopus spp. (Frozen)
VanuatuThunnus albacares (Chilled)
VanuatuSepia officinalis (Frozen)
Vanuatuaequifasciata (Frozen)
New ZealandPseudocyttus maculatus (Frozen)
New ZealandHaliotis¡¢Concholepas (Frozen)
New ZealandPampus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandNemadactylus macropterus (Frozen)
New ZealandCoryphaenoides carminifer (Frozen)
New ZealandGaleorhinus Galeus (Frozen)
New ZealandAcanthocybium solandi(Frozen)
New ZealandGasterosteus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandMeuschenia scaber (Frozen)
New ZealandZearaja nasuta£¨dipturus nasutu£© (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus tshawytscha (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus tshawytscha (Chilled)
New ZealandScophthalmus maximus (Chilled)
New ZealandScophthalmus maximus (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus keta (Chilled)
New ZealandOncorhynchus keta (Frozen)
New ZealandAnguilla dieffenbachii (Frozen)
New ZealandBeryx decadactylus (Frozen)
New ZealandPrionace glauca (Frozen)
New ZealandLepidopus caudatus (Frozen)
New ZealandSalmo salar (Frozen)
New ZealandSalmo salar (Chilled)
New ZealandHoplostethus atlanticus (Frozen)
New ZealandGadus morhua (Chilled)
New ZealandCheilodactylus douglasii (Frozen)
New ZealandCheilodactylus douglasii (Chilled)
New ZealandLutjanus spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandLutjanus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandLophius piscatorius(Chilled)
New ZealandLophius piscatorius (Frozen)
New ZealandPleuronectes platessa (Chilled)
New ZealandPleuronectes platessa (Frozen)
New ZealandHucho hucho (Chilled)
New ZealandHucho hucho (Frozen)
New ZealandMegalobrama spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandApostichopus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandStrombus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandStrombus spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandHeterodontus francisci (Chilled)
New ZealandGadus ogac (Chilled)
New ZealandMactromeris spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandMactromeris spp. (Chilled)
New Zealandcolistium guntheri (Frozen)
New ZealandEsox spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandDipturus innominatus£¨Raja innominata£© (Frozen)
New ZealandCiona intestinalis (Chilled)
New ZealandCiona intestinalis (Frozen)
New ZealandSiganus fuscescens (Chilled)
New ZealandSiganus fuscescens (Frozen)
New ZealandPomoxis nigromaculatus (Frozen)
New ZealandAphanopus carbo (Frozen)
New ZealandHelicolenus dactylopterus (Frozen)
New ZealandGephyrocharax melanocheir (Frozen)
New ZealandCollichthys niveatus (Frozen)
New ZealandChimaera phantasma (Frozen)
New ZealandAllocyttus niger (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus nerka
New ZealandLutjanus sanguineus (Frozen)
New ZealandSalvelinus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandSalvelinus spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandBeryx splendens (Frozen)
New ZealandBeryx splendens (Chilled)
New ZealandCephalopholis sonnerati (Chilled)
New ZealandPseudophycis bachus (Frozen)
New ZealandLepidotrigla spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandLepidotrigla spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandEtelis carbunculus (Frozen)
New ZealandClarias spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandClarias fuscus (Frozen)
New ZealandScomber australasicus (Frozen)
New ZealandSilurus asotus (Frozen)
New ZealandSeriola lalandi£¬(Chilled)
New ZealandSeriola lalandi£¬(Frozen)
New ZealandThymallus spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandThymallus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandArthrospira maxima, Arthrospira platensis [Frozen,fresh]
New ZealandChelidonichthys spinosus (Frozen)
New ZealandChelidonichthys spinosus (Chilled)
New ZealandChelidonichthys spinosus (Frozen)
New ZealandIsurus oxyrinchus (Frozen)
New ZealandNototodarus sloanii (Frozen)
New Zealandrthrospira spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandArthrospira spp.
New ZealandChrysophrys auratus£¨Pagrus auratus£© (Frozen)
New ZealandNemipterus virgatus (Frozen)
New ZealandScomberomorus commerson (Frozen)
New ZealandProcambarus clarkii (Frozen)
New ZealandProcambarus clarkii (Chilled)
New ZealandRaja porosa (Frozen)
New ZealandOreochromis spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandScomberomorus niphonius (Frozen)
New ZealandSeriolella caerulea (Frozen)
New ZealandMacruronus novaezelandiae (Frozen)
New ZealandMacruronus novaezelandiae (Fish eggs)
New ZealandMacruronus novaezelandiae (Chilled)
New ZealandThunnus maccoyii (Chilled)
New ZealandMicromesistius poutassou (Frozen)
New ZealandSeriolella brama (Frozen)
New ZealandDissostichus mawsoni (Frozen)
New Zealandirrhinus molitorella (Frozen)
New ZealandPalinuridae (Frozen)
New ZealandPalinuridae (Chilled)
New ZealandPerna viridis (Frozen)
New ZealandThamnaconus septentrionalis (Frozen)
New ZealandChelidonichthys kumu(Chilled)
New ZealandChelidonichthys kumu(Frozen)
New ZealandPollachius virens (Frozen)
New ZealandAnoplopoma fimbria (Frozen)
New ZealandScomberomorus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandUpeneus moluccensis (Frozen)
New ZealandThamnaconus modestus (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus masou (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus masou (Chilled)
New ZealandAnguilla spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandAnguilla spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandMallotus villosus (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus rhodurus (Chilled)
New ZealandOncorhynchus rhodurus (Frozen)
New ZealandPlagiogeneion rubiginosum (Frozen)
New ZealandSepia officinalis (Chilled)
New ZealandSepia officinalis (Frozen)
New ZealandOstrea (Chilled)
New ZealandOstrea (Frozen)
New ZealandRexea solandri (Frozen)
New ZealandEuphausia superba
New ZealandMetanephrops Challengeri (Frozen)
New ZealandHyperoglyphe antarctica (Frozen)
New ZealandMicromesistius australis (Frozen)
New ZealandLates niloticus (Chilled)
New ZealandNephrops norvegicus (Frozen)
New ZealandNephrops norvegicus (Frozen)
New ZealandKathetostoma giganteum (Frozen)
New ZealandMakaira spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandCoelorinchus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandTrachurus declivis (Frozen)
New ZealandScomber scombrus (Frozen)
New ZealandDissostichus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandZeus faber (Chilled)
New ZealandZeus faber (Frozen)
New ZealandLepidotrigla japonice (Frozen)
New ZealandLepidotrigla japonice (Chilled)
New ZealandTrachurus japonicus (Frozen)
New ZealandTrachurus japonicus (Chilled)
New ZealandLepturacanthus savala (Frozen)
New ZealandPlacopecta magellanicus (Frozen)
New ZealandPlacopecta magellanicus (Chilled)
New ZealandEpigonus telescopus (Frozen)
New ZealandCaranx spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandChanos chanos (Frozen)
New ZealandEpinephelus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandChoerodon schoenleinii (Chilled)
New ZealandChoerodon schoenleinii (Frozen)
New ZealandSolea solea (Chilled)
New ZealandSolea solea (Frozen)
New ZealandLarimus pacificus (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandOncorhynchus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandPanopea generosa (Frozen)
New ZealandPanopea generosa (Chilled)
New ZealandGadus macrocephalus (Chilled)
New ZealandApogon spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandRhombosolea leporina (Frozen)
New ZealandRhombosolea leporina (Chilled)
New ZealandOncorhynchus gorbuscha (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus gorbuscha (Chilled)
New ZealandLepidorhynchus denticulatus (Frozen)
New ZealandHelicolenus hilgendorfi (Frozen)
New ZealandHelicolenus hilgendorfi (Chilled)
New ZealandHelicolenus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandMerluccius spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandPentaprion longimanus (Frozen)
New ZealandBrachymystax spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandBrachymystax spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandDipterygonotus leucogrammicus (Frozen)
New ZealandTheragra chalcogramma
New ZealandTheragra chalcogramma£¬ (Frozen)
New ZealandTheragra chalcogramma£¬ (Fish eggs)
New ZealandCalappa philargius (Frozen)
New ZealandEmmelichthys nitidus (Frozen)
New ZealandNeocyttus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandMustelus Lenticulatus (Frozen)
New ZealandCyttus novaezealandiae (Chilled)
New ZealandCyttus novaezealandiae (Frozen)
New ZealandPeltorhamphus novaezeelandiae (Frozen)
New ZealandP. canaliculus (Frozen)
New ZealandHydrolagus Novaezelandiae (Frozen)
New ZealandTrachurus novaezelandiae (Frozen)
New ZealandHoplostethus spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandAllocyttus verrucosus (Frozen)
New ZealandOncorhynchus kisutch (Chilled)
New ZealandOncorhynchus kisutch (Frozen)
New ZealandSeriolella punctata (Frozen)
New ZealandMerluccius bilinearis (Frozen)
New ZealandSalanx spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandHippoglossus hippoglossus(Frozen)
New Zealandaequifasciata (Frozen)
New Zealandaequifasciata (Chilled)
New ZealandScorpaena spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandScorpaena spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandGenypterus blacodes (Frozen)
New ZealandOxyeleotris marmoratus (Frozen)
New ZealandOctopus (Frozen)
New ZealandThyrsites atun (Frozen)
New ZealandHucho spp. (Frozen)
New ZealandHucho spp. (Chilled)
New ZealandPagrus major (Frozen)
New ZealandPagrus major (Chilled)
New ZealandTrachurus murphyi (Frozen)
New ZealandMora moro (Frozen)
New ZealandPeprilus medius (Frozen)
New ZealandMugil cephalus (Frozen)
New ZealandSalmo spp. (Chilled)

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