General Administration of Customs China

Responsible for national customs work. It includes entry and exit inspection and quarantine, work policies, drafting relevant laws and regulations, and formulating customs plans, departmental regulations, and relevant technical specifications.

what is gacc

Responsible for organizing and promoting the construction of “electronic system customs clearance” at the port.

Work with relevant departments to formulate port management rules and regulations, organize the formulation of port development plans and coordinate implementation, take the lead in formulating the joint prevention and control work system for port security, and coordinate the port-related intelligence collection, risk analysis, judgment and disposal.

Coordinate the working relationship of various departments in customs clearance, and guide and coordinate the work of local government ports.

Responsible for customs supervision.

Develop and implement a regulatory system for inbound and outbound means of transport, goods and articles. Work in accordance with the provisions of technical trade measures.

Implement import and export trade management policies in accordance with the law, be responsible for customs protection of intellectual property rights, and be responsible for the management of customs mark identification. Organize the implementation of anti-terrorism, stability, non-proliferation, export control and other aspects of customs management.

Formulate and implement the customs supervision system for bonded trade such as processing trade, and take the lead in reviewing the establishment and adjustment of special customs supervision areas. GACC will form an independent electronic pass system with AQSIQ and CIQ, responsible for all import and export declarations and inspections.
Start running new institutions and electronic systems (Single Window E-systems) on January 1, 2022.

Responsible for import and export duties and other taxes and fees collection management.

Formulate a collection and management system, develop a catalogue of import and export commodities, and organize implementation and interpretation. Leading the development of multi-bilateral rules of origin, negotiating the rules of origin of import and export commodities and being responsible for the implementation of visa management and other organizations.

Implement anti-dumping and countervailing measures, safeguard measures and other tariff measures in accordance with the law.

Responsible for entry and exit health quarantine, entry and exit of animals and plants and their products inspection and quarantine.

Collect and analyze overseas epidemics, organize and implement port disposal measures, and undertake related work on emergency emergencies such as public health at ports.

Responsible for legal inspection of import and export commodities.

Supervise and manage the identification, verification, quality and safety of import and export commodities. Responsible for the inspection and quarantine of imported food and cosmetics, supervision and management, and implementation of imported and export food related work in accordance with multi-bilateral agreements.

Responsible for customs risk management.

Organize customs trade investigations, market investigations and risk monitoring, and establish risk assessment indicator systems, risk monitoring early warning and tracking systems, and risk management prevention and control mechanisms. Implement customs credit management and be responsible for customs inspection.

Responsible for customs statistics such as national import and export goods trade.

Publish customs statistics and customs statistics, organize dynamic monitoring and evaluation, and establish an information public service platform for service import and export enterprises.

Responsible for the national comprehensive crackdown on smuggling.

Investigate and deal with cases of smuggling and violations in accordance with the law, be responsible for the investigation, detention, execution of arrests and pre-trial work of smuggling criminal cases under their jurisdiction, and organize the implementation of customs anti-smuggling work.

Responsible for formulating and organizing the implementation of internal science and technology construction.

Science and technology development planning, laboratory construction and technical support planning. Organize relevant research and technology introduction work.

Responsible for international cooperation and exchanges in the customs field.

Representing countries in relevant international organizations, signing and implementing relevant international cooperation agreements, agreements and protocols.

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