China-Japan-South korea Free Trade Agreements

January 11, 2017, China, Japan and South Korea Free Trade Area 11th round of negotiations held in Beijing.

Wang Weimen, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China, and Mr. Li Xiangzhen, Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, attended the meeting.

In the current round of negotiations, the three parties will be on trade in goods, trade in services, investment and other important issues in-depth exchange of views.

China-Japan-Korea FTA negotiations started in November 2012, has been to the eleventh round.

The three parties believe that the establishment of the China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Area will help to give full play to the complementarity of the three countries, tap the potential to enhance the level of trade and investment between the three countries to promote the further integration of the regional value chain, in line with the overall interests of the three countries, And development.

In November 2015, the leaders of the three countries issued a joint declaration reaffirming that they will make further efforts to accelerate the negotiations on the three countries’ FTAs and conclude a comprehensive, high-level and mutually beneficial FTA.

October 2016 held in China, Japan and South Korea Economic and Trade Ministerial Conference also promised to step up negotiations to seek the unique value of the three countries free trade area.

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