China-Australia Free Trade Agreements

Frequently asked questions

What are the important breakthroughs in the field of trade in services between China and Australia?

The China-Australia FTA is the first high-level FTA to be signed with major Western developed countries. Both sides have reached a high level of negotiation in the service area.

Australia’s openness to me is higher than the newly arrived Australia-Japan, Australia-Korea FTA. The main breakthrough has the following three aspects:

  • Is the first trading partner to “open the list” to make an open commitment to trade in services agreement. Australia has agreed to open up the service sector to China by way of a negative list, making it the first country in the world to pledge trade in services in a negative way. On the basis of WTO commitments, the Chinese side promised to open some of the service departments to Australia with a positive list.
  • Is a major breakthrough between the two sides to carry out personnel. Australia has agreed to set up an investment facilitation mechanism to launch a “green channel” for the Chinese government to invest in Australia, specifically for the Chinese side to apply for engineering and technical personnel to apply for visa applications and work permits. This mechanism is the first time that developed countries have made special facilities for China in this field.
  • Australia will pass the “holiday work visa arrangement” for the Chinese youth to Australia to provide 5,000 people a year holiday job visa to promote youth exchanges between the two countries. Australia also offers 1,800 entry quotas for Chinese professionals (Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese teachers, Chinese chefs and martial arts coaches).
    In the case of
  • Is for the “upgrade” both services trade open pre-arranged arrangements.
    The two sides agreed to carry out trade in services trade negotiations in a negative list on the basis of the mutually agreed time after the implementation of the China-Australia FTA, and promote a higher level of mutual opening.

  • In addition, the two sides also on the financial, education, law and Chinese medicine and other key areas of service cooperation reached a series of important consensus.

    What are the results of the China-Australia FTA in service areas?

    In recent years, the rapid development of China-Australia trade in services. In 2014, China-Australia trade in services totaled US $ 16.715 billion, China’s exports of services to Macao amounted to US $ 3.66 billion, and exports to China were US $ 13.5 billion.

    The two sides reached a free trade agreement, in the field of services, the two sides in a number of service departments to make open commitments have reached their respective levels of FTA.

    Australia’s commitment to China is higher than the newly reached Australia-ROK, Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement, and China’s commitment level is higher than other FTA agreements (other than CEPA and ECFA) that China has signed.

    Specific results, from the perspective of the structure of the agreement, including the service section, financial annex, natural person moving chapter, natural person specific commitment to move the annex, the Chinese specific commitment to the table, the Australian non-compliance measures negative list, five areas of exchange of letters and two Memorandum of Understanding.

    From the contents of the agreement point of view, involving the following highlights:

  • Is Australia’s open list of services to a negative list, except for a few areas, to give China a comprehensive MFN status.
  • Is a special facilitation mechanism for Australian companies to invest in engineering and technical personnel under the Chinese side to promote Chinese enterprises to engage in investment activities in Australia. The mechanism for the first time in developed countries to China to make special convenience arrangements to help ease the Chinese enterprises in Australia, labor shortage and high labor costs and other pressures.
  • Is Australia’s unilateral for young Chinese youth to provide 5,000 people a year holiday job visa, the Chinese youth to obtain the visa can stay in Australia for 12 months.
  • Is the entry quotation for Chinese professionals (Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, and Chinese) with a total of 1,800 entry points per year. The first stay in Australia can last up to 4 years and can be renewed upon expiration.
  • At the request of the Chinese side, Australia has pledged to reduce the liquidity coverage of foreign bank branches from 100% to 40%, and the cost of capital of Chinese banks in Australia will be significantly reduced.
  • On the basis of the WTO commitments, China pledged to further open up some of the service departments to Australia in a positive list and incorporate some of the independent initiatives in the Shanghai Free Trade Experimental Zone. In the future, in the future agreed time between the two sides, China will be a negative list of ways to start with Australia and as soon as possible to complete trade in services negotiations.
    Therefore, China and Australia in the China-Australia FTA trade in services has made a “full flowering” fruitful results!

    China-Australia FTA will be Chinese enterprises "going out" to provide the convenience of what specific content?

    Australia is an important market for Chinese enterprises’ “overseas investment”.

    According to statistics, in 2013, China’s total investment in Australia totaled 17.55 billion US dollars, an increase of 25.8% over 2012. In order to achieve further mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development, China and Australia signed a memorandum of understanding on investment facilitation arrangements under the framework of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which aims to provide some visa facilities for the relevant personnel of China’s investment enterprises in Australia Arrangement.

    In the food and agricultural enterprises, resources and energy, transportation, telecommunications, power supply and power generation, environment, tourism and other areas of large-scale investment and project personnel to Australia will be convenient treatment.
    Which will help Chinese enterprises to fully play a competitive advantage in Australia.

    In the future, China will negotiate with the Australian side to further enhance the level of investment liberalization and facilitation in accordance with the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list. Investing in the investor-host dispute settlement mechanism will provide sufficient rights for both Chinese and Australian investors Protection and relief.

    China-Australia Free Trade Agreement for the Chinese youth to Australia to create what favorable conditions?

    Under the framework of the China-Australia FTA, China and Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Holiday Work Visa Arrangements.

    According to the arrangement, Australia will provide young people from China 18 to 30 years of age with 5,000 opportunities to enter Australia for short trips and make young people get the fourth choice in addition to studying, working and traveling abroad. This will not only help the Chinese youth to achieve overseas travel ideal, but also will strengthen the cultural exchanges between the two countries and promote the development of bilateral relations.

    China-Australia Free Trade Agreement for the Chinese characteristics of professional workers to Australia opened up what kind of "green channel"?

    According to the contents of the China-Australia FTA, Australia is committed to providing more than 1,800 entry quotas for the four professional practitioners who meet the requirements of Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese teachers, Chinese chefs and martial arts coaches. As a typical occupation with Chinese characteristics, Chinese service providers have a significant advantage in these services.

    The China-Australia FTA will help promote the delivery of these services to countries and show the charm of Chinese traditional culture to the world.

    China-Australia FTA will bring overseas students to China what benefits?

    Australia is a strong educational service. In the China-Australia FTA, the Chinese side will review and appraise and re-enroll in the Australian Federal Government to recruit overseas students’ institutions and curriculum registration bodies (CRICOS) in the Chinese Ministry of Education on Foreign Education Supervision within one year after the entry into force of the Agreement. List of Australian Higher Education Institutions.

    This arrangement will help Chinese students to obtain accurate and authoritative information on Australian education services in a timely manner.

    In addition, China also made special arrangements for food, cotton, vegetable oil and sugar products, no tariff concessions.

    China and Australia also decided to expand and deepen further cooperation between the two countries’ educational services. For Australian higher education institutions registered with CRICOS, Australia will provide China with detailed information on relevant regulatory decisions to further enhance the transparency of the relevant institutions of higher education in Australia and effectively protect the rights of Chinese students studying in Australia.

    At the same time, the Australian side also welcomed the Chinese educational institutions to set up a Chinese international school in Australia.

    All in all, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement has deepened the win-win cooperation between the two sides in the field of education and created favorable conditions for the exchange of teachers and students between China and Australia.

    In the framework of China-Australia FTA, China and Australia in the financial sector will carry out what cooperation?

    Finance is one of the key areas of cooperation between China and Australia. In the framework of the China-Australia FTA, the two sides agreed that the future will be on the banks, securities, anti-money laundering and other issues of common interest in dialogue and cooperation.

    For example, the Australian side will be nominated as a Chinese bank of Australian banks or sub-line “responsible manager” of the Chinese people, combined with the relevant requirements, consider the Chinese people in China to obtain the relevant qualifications and experience for Chinese bank managers to Australia To carry out business to facilitate.

    Chinese institutions can provide payment services in Australia on the basis of national treatment, in the capacity of payment system members and payment system operators. These will create a favorable business environment for “foreign investment” of Chinese financial institutions.

    The successful signing of the China-Australia FTA has provided a good opportunity to promote closer cooperation between the financial departments of the two countries, creating a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

    China-Australia FTA will be how to further promote the level of trade liberalization of both sides?

    In recent years, China and Australia have become increasingly close economic and trade relations. Among them, the size of trade between the two countries increased year by year, from 8.843 billion US dollars in 2008 to 16.716 billion US dollars in 2014, an average annual increase of 14%.

    The successful signing of the China-Australia FTA will further promote the level of trade liberalization between the two sides and will also promote bilateral economic and trade relations to a higher level.

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